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Sharing is Caring

Tomorrow we are going on a trip to Galveston, a Texas coastal town, to continue learning about The Coastal Plains. So far we have looked at some of the ways marine life is affected by the plastic waste that finds it's way to the ocean, and Luna is looking forward to not only playing on the beach, but also finding out more about marine habitats by visiting Moody Gardens which houses a large aquarium.

In preparation for our trip, we spent time today considering the natural resources in the ocean and along the coast and who the users of those resources are.

We discussed that many users seem to be wanting the same natural resources, so we need to share. This is why there are some beach areas that are nature preserves, as well as why certain areas along a coastline might be designated for specific purposes. Below is how Luna would plan a stretch of coastline to allow for the enjoyment of the natural resources the ocean makes available, while ensuring that there is plenty of space dedicated to preserving the natural habitat and the resources it provides.


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