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Rock Climbing, Schnitzel and Strudel

We are still learning about the Mountains and Basins region of Texas, so we took a trip to the Texas Hill Country to do some exploring. Our first stop was a town called Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg is interesting because it still has a lot of German things from a while back.

Outside of town is a place called The Enchanted Rock. It is a giant rock made out of granite. Enchanted Rock got it's name from the Native Americans because when the sun hit it, it shone as if it were enchanted, so they believed it was.

While the Rock was big, we saw some beautiful small things on our way to the top. Below you can see cacti with flowers, dewdrops on a spiderweb, and ferns growing under a rock. It had been raining that morning and the birds were enjoying the weather.

This is us at the bottom of the trail looking up at the summit. It seemed impossible from here to climb to the top.

Here we are taking a break halfway to the top because I had been running up the side of the rock.

This is a panoramic photo from the top of our climb. While I was resting, I played Pokemon Go, and I was amazed to find Pokemon way up at the top.

Did I mention that Fredericksburg was settled by German settlers many years ago and still has a lot of German culture? We ate at a traditional German restaurant, and learned about Schnitzel and Strudel... Schnitzel is breaded fried meat (below left), Strudel is kind of like apple pie but with pecans on top (below right). The Schnitzel was better than I thought it would be, but I prefer the Strudel.

Jodi here, I know that this isn't a travel blog, but our accommodations in Fredericksburg were so lovely that I had to mention it. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast called The Lodge Above Town Creek. Our room was two stories with a lovely sitting room that had a pull out sofa downstairs, and a bed, bath and fireplace upstairs. It was surprisingly cool for spring in Texas and having the fire upstairs was really nice. The Lodge is a bed and breakfast and we had a wonderful breakfast delivered to our door in a picnic basket in the morning. The Lodge Above Town Creek was walking distance to main street Fredericksburg and was a great home base for our time there.

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