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Some Old Fashion 'Splorin

After leaving The Enchanted Rock ...if you missed that post, click below to check it out,

we continued exploring the Texas Hill Country. One of the sites we visited is called Jacob's Well.

Jacob's well is an underwater cave that is 140 feet deep. Since the water is so clean and pure, it's very clear. It stays the same temperature all year, 68 degrees, and you can make a reservation to swim in it during the summer.

In the nature park that housed Jacob's well we also found a garden that was watered using rainwater. This reminded us of our castle project. It was cool to see collected rainwater being put to use in real life.

I love nature, and we saw a lot of caterpillars. Below on the right, you will see that this caterpillar is making it's chrysalis.

Another natural area we visited is called Pedernales Falls. When it rains hard enough, it results in waterfalls. I thought it was cool, but it made me nervous because the rocks were wet enough for me to slip. The rocks here were not granite like Enchanted Rock. It didn't look like it, but it was limestone.

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