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Alamo "Twofer"

On our trip to San Antonio we visited the Alamo. The reason the Alamo is a "twofer" is because it's an example of a Spanish Mission, (if you don't know about that, check out our Spanish Missions post here:, it was also the location of a battle in the war for Texas' independence from Mexico. The shape of the church was a cross just like we learned about, there was a well, there was a plaza and garden areas. The walls were 4 feet thick in some places.

Above is the front of the church, and below is a picture of the well.

Below is the plaza, which was a gathering spot. One thing that was different about the Alamo from other Spanish missions, is that the American Indian's rooms weren't built into the walls of the mission, but were outside of the mission walls in separate buildings.

You might think that Texas won the Battle of the Alamo, but we did not. It was still important because it encouraged the other fighters to go on. Soon we are going to visit where the final battle took place. When soldiers became weary a battle cry of, "Remember the Alamo!" gave them the strength to go on. Below is a copy of the letter that William Barret Travis sent out from the battle of the Alamo. Even though the people there died, they were very brave, and played an important part in Texas winning it's independence.

Here is a picture of one of the cannons used in the battle. You can also see how heavy the cannon and it's cannon balls were.

I think other people should visit the Alamo if they have a chance because it is an important part of Texas history.

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