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Rainwater Drainwater

Luna and I have learned so much about how trash affects sea life, that we wondered where the trash that falls into the rainwater drains in our neighborhood goes. After doing a little bit of research to find out where our neighborhood's rainwater empties, we took a field trip to check it out for ourselves. We enjoyed exploring the creek and surrounding area, it was a clean and seemingly safe habitat for the animals who live there.

We saw where the drains empty into the creek from the street, and were pleasantly surprised to find very little trash. There were minnows and small fish swimming in the shallow water as well as butterflies, dragonflies, bluejays and squirrels in the surrounding area.

Visiting the creek served as a great reminder to us that throwing away our trash after a picnic or sporting event, and using reusable containers and bags whenever we can, really does make a difference.

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