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The Great Odyssey Adventure, where YOUR hero's journey begins!

Art Credit: Gareth Hinds' Graphic Novel cover

Above: map of our theme park

After reading The Odyssey we made it into a theme park. Welcome to The Great Odyssey Adventure, where YOUR hero's journey begins. The park is based on the story of Odysseus, and you will go on rides, see shows, shop, and eat all like Odysseus himself. The park gives you a sense of what Odysseus went through on his adventure.

When we go to rides, the first one you will see is Poseidon's Wrath. Poseidon's Wrath is a log ride; Poseidon is the god of the ocean in mythology, he tried to drown Odysseus, so this ride will have a big splash!

The second ride you'll see is The Land of the Dead. This is a haunted house ride. Odysseus had to visit the land of the dead to learn how to get home, and so will you.

The last ride we're going to see is Temptation of the Sirens. On this ride you will sail over the ocean to the land of the sirens. See the animatronic wonders and hear the siren's songs. Resist the temptation.

Moving on to games, you see Whack a Suitor. This is a game where you whack a suitor on the head as it pops out of the machine. When Odysseus returned home, he fought the suitors who wanted to marry his wife and take over his kingdom.

Shows, Circe's Circus is a comedy shows that shows animals doing tricks. In The Odyssey, Circe turned some of Odysseus' men into animals.

Moving on to places to eat. We have the Lotus Eater's Cafe. The cafe will serve good food like pancakes for breakfast, burgers and pizza for lunch, and plenty of tempting sweet treats. The kids definitely won't want to leave, just like the lotus eaters.

Next, we have Calypso's Seafood Cafe. This is a seafood restaurant named after Calypso who lived on an island. There are seven main menu choices, one for each year Calypso kept Odysseus captive.

We have a game store, Phaeacians Games. In the story when Odysseus visited the Phaeacians they had a gaming event.

That's all we've got!


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