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Our Mexican Influence

We went back to San Antonio to learn more about the influence of Mexican culture in Texas. San Antonio has a place called Historic Market Square that is set up like a market that you would find in Mexico.

Did you know that at one time Texas was part of Mexico? Below is the Mexican flag. The green stripe represents independence, the white represents the purity of their Catholic faith, the red represents the Spanish that helped them win their independence and the blood of their heroes. The emblem represents an Aztec legend.

This is what the inside of the market looked like. There were different shops off of the walkways. In Mexico this would more often be outside. The people who worked there would stand in the doorway and invite you into their store. It made me feel welcome.

Some of the items we saw for sale are handmade silver jewelry, dresses and shirts with embroidery, these pottery birds that hung from the ceilings, and maracas. I bought a fan and a headband. Many of the items were handmade and very colorful.

These reminded us of nesting dolls. The bags nested inside of each other in three sizes.

I thought Heritage Market Square was cool because it was kind of different from the way we normally shop. It helped me to picture what Texas might have been like when it was part of Mexico.

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Anna Neitzel
Anna Neitzel

You are learning so much. I am very proud of you.

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