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Creepy Cool Creatures of Halloween

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats:

Mexican free-tailed bats have fur that is reddish to dark brown, or grey in color. Their tails are different from other bats because they extend more than one third beyond the tail membranes, and most other bats’ tails are completely enclosed within the tail membranes. Most of the year they live in North America, there is a large number in Austin and in San Antonio, Texas (in the Central Plains). During the winter they go to Mexico. Free-tailed bats eat moths and other insects like mosquitos which make them good neighbors to the people. In Austin you can go see the bats come out at night. I went and we stood on the bridge at sunset. When the bats came out it was an amazing sight, there were so many flying around. In colonies of millions of bats it is estimated that 250 tons of insects may be eaten every night.

See the video of the Austin bats!

Goliath Tarantulas:

Goliath Tarantulas are amazing! They are also known as the bird-eating spider. They have 8 walking legs, and 2 front “legs” that help them grab and hold prey. Their fangs inject venom into their victim. Goliath Tarantulas are often said to be the heaviest spider in the world. They are named “the bird eating spider” because one was seen eating a hummingbird, but their main diets is frogs, lizards, beetles, small snakes, and bats.

Black Mamba:

A small amount of venom is strong enough to kill an adult. If you get bitten, you will feel a tingling sensation in your mouth and arms and legs. You will also get a fever, may foam at the mouth, and loss of muscle control.

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Jodi Neitzel
Jodi Neitzel
Oct 31, 2020

Sorry you were scared of the spiders- I love knowing how helpful the bats are!


Oct 30, 2020

That spider is very scary, Luna!! I hate tarantulas! They were in my grandmother’s house and I saw them crawl up the brick wall. But I have never seen multicolored ones! Amazing!

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