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Wolves live in family groups and are very social animals that care for one another. I chose to post about wolves because they seem like the most interesting animal that are native to Texas. I admire how they can run long distances and still feel okay. Cheetahs are sprinters, but wolves are marathoners!

Wolves live in a pack. The alpha male and female have pups and are in charge of the pack. Wolves mate for life like sea horses. They have anywhere between one and eleven pups that are born in April or May. The beta wolf, who is the second highest rank in the pack, is responsible for the pups. When pups are growing up they mimic every single thing that the adult wolf they are with does. They sniff where the adult sniffs, they walk where the adult walks, just every single thing!

There is also an omega wolf. The omega is the lowest ranking wolf which means he or she always has to be submissive and always gets picked on sadly enough. The omega is the wolf that starts play. Play relieves tension and creates connection so the omega has an important job.

Red wolves are critically endangered. They are extinct in the wild, but not in captivity, which isn’t bad because it’s for their own safety. In 1987 four pairs of red wolves were released into a wildlife preserve.

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