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Turtles and Sharks

We started our quest to learn about marine life by visiting an aquarium called Sea Life in Grapevine, Texas. We wanted to see the animals they had, and also learn about marine habitats. We found Sea Life to be a very helpful resource. They are involved in breeding programs to help sustain endangered species and they nurse sick and injured creatures back to health. Every year Sea Life talks to over 16,000,000 guests about marine conservation and they have rescued over 280 turtles and seals in the past year. We learned that plastic bags floating in the ocean pose a threat to the turtles because sea turtles mistake them for jellyfish (which is their favorite food) and they try to eat them. Thousands of sea turtles die every year by choking on plastic bags. The picture above is one of the rescued turtles who is too injured to be safely released into the wild.

Another animal we discovered is at risk are sharks. Did you know that sharks are hunted for their fins which are used to make a very expensive soup? The sharks are then tossed back into the ocean without fins where they are left to die.

As I learn more about marine habitats and what poses risks to them, I will be compiling a list of ways that we can all help. I think I already have a couple of ideas!

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