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Sneak Peek at our Galveston Trip

We learned so many things on our trip to the Texas coast, too much to possibly share completely. So while there is definitely more to come, we wanted to share some quick facts that likely won't show up in future posts.

Quick Facts Learned and Observed:

Penguins look like they are covered with hair or fur, but if you look closely, they are actually covered in tiny feathers packed really closely together. This results in keeping them warm and dry in their habitat.

Sea Lions Roar! We were startled by the noise as we walked around the corner from them at the aquarium. Luna's quote of the day, "I guess now we know why they are called Sea Lions!"

Jellyfish are beautiful and calming in a tank, but are a bit scary to see when you are swimming next to one.

Jellyfish have a cross on them. The ones below are the type we saw swimming next to us in the ocean!

Luna is growing into an adventure-seeker. When she was younger she didn't like thrill-rides, but she really enjoyed the rides on this pier... well maybe not ALL of them (but definitely ones she wouldn't have ridden a couple of years ago)!

Luna's plan for separating the coastline for specific uses in our last lesson was spot-on! The view from our hotel showed many designated areas for different purposes (oil and gas exploration, fishing boats, fishing piers, and swimming).

Check back to learn more about how the Texas oil industry and Gulf of Mexico drilling effect marine life, and our efforts to clean up the beach of plastics and other contaminants.

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2 comentarios

Anna Neitzel
Anna Neitzel
15 sept 2020

This is a great idea Luna. I loved learning about jelly fish and sea lions. Keep up the good work. You have a great future ahead.

Me gusta

14 sept 2020

I am loving this! I learn something new every time I check into your blog, Luna! And you give me important information with pictures to help me really see and understand what you are writing about! Keep up the good work!


Me gusta
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