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Receptive Language to the Test

We did an experiment today to see which was easier... receptive or expressive language. in real life, when I'm doing these posts I have a hard time with expressive language. When I'm getting my thoughts out out-loud it is sometimes hard to know what to say.

Here's the experiment that we did. We've been learning about the body systems of dogs, and I was given two quizzes. The first one was multi-choice which was receptive language. The second quiz was expressive language because it didn't have any multi-choice options. I thought the one without the options would be harder, but surprisingly enough it was kind of easy.

We noticed that doing the multi choice made me use all 4 parts of receptive language. I had to understand grammar. (One of the questions had a list of things muscles did, and one of the blanks said, "and produce," before the blank and I knew that answer had to be "facial expressions" because, "and produce run," doesn't make sense so that couldn't be it.) Also, please excuse my Mom's typo... it should be "pull on" not "pullon."

I also had to understand the questions, I had to understand vocabulary, and I had to follow the directions. As I'm learning more and more about it, when things come up I can notice receptive language in action.

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