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I wanted to share a short post about our inclusion of music in Luna's education. We are a family who enjoys the arts in a general way, and Luna has always loved music. When she was in elementary school she attempted to become more involved in musical endeavors by trying first the drums (too loud), then the saxophone (also too loud, especially in the beginner 5th grade band where every new musician was trying to play their instrument at the same time). But she could read rhythms from the sheet music very well. I had honestly put music aside as we dove into our new learning model until recently. We began by just looking at the staff and understanding how the notes work.

Luna picked up on it very quickly and was surprised at how much she enjoyed learning to read music at the piano. We did a little bit more pencil to paper work, but have done most of our learning as she began reading the music and practicing a song.

Below is a video of Luna playing the first piece she learned. This is something we have found is both a calming and enjoyable activity for her, so we will continue to work on piano together (until she outgrows what I know... which won't be long). My hope is that she will continue to explore music and find joy in it as she becomes more accomplished.

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