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Our Own Oregon Trail

We went to Oregon expecting to see whales in their natural habitat. Grey whales are often found off of the Oregon coast, but during migration humpbacks and orcas can also be spotted. We didn't get to see them due to weather conditions (checkout our travel video for more on that, you'll find a link below), but we still learned a lot about whales in preparation for our trip that we would like to share.

Here is a comparison chart showing some of the basic information on the 3 types of whales we were hoping to see.

We measured out the length of the different types of whales on the sidewalk, and compared them to each other, and to Luna's height

Even though we didn't see the whales like we were hoping, our travels around Oregon taught us some other things. Here's a conversation we had about what we observed.

Jodi: Based on our observations during our trip to Oregon, what would you guess are some of the biggest industries (ways people make money) in Oregon?


  1. Powell’s Books probably employs a lot of people

  2. wineries

  3. lumber

  4. fruit orchards

  5. cattle- beef and dairy

  6. fish

Jodi: Google “Oregon’s biggest industries” and see if you were right.

Luna: Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry, Tourism, Manufacturing, Mining and Energy

Jodi: We saw a lot of land that was dedicated to state parks. Look up, “How much of Oregon’s land is owned by the government?” (give answer in %)

Luna: 53.03%

Jodi: How much of Texas’ land is owned by the government? (give answer in %)

Luna: 1.77%

Show a pictoral representation of the amount of land the federal government owns in Oregon and in Texas.

Oregon Texas

Jodi: Anything else you want to mention? Things we saw, learned, or did?

Luna: Mt Hood was amazing, it kind of looked like part of the sky where we saw it.

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