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"Heavy Handed"

The Apollo flights of the 1960's had different parts. The first part is the take off. The astronaut's bodies are heavier than they normally weigh when they are blasting off. They are seven times heavier! We did a project to try to understand what seven times heavier feels like. We weighed our bodies and multiplied that by 2.1% to estimate how much our forearm weighs. Then we took that number and multiplied it by 7 which told us that our forearms would be really heavy during launch.

We gathered some heavy objects, put them in bags and weighed them to get as close to the weight one forearm would be during launch.

We tried playing Connect 4 with the bags on our arms and I thought that my arm wouldn't survive! My forearm would weigh 16.38 pounds in space. I am never going to space, it's too heavy! I think it's way hard on their bodies. I think they might prepare by weight lifting, a lot of weight lifting!

After take off, the astronauts orbit the earth first. Then they blast off and go to the moon's orbit which is called an injection. Then, they use another engine to take off for earth, and land in the ocean!

They land in the ocean because they would die if they landed on the ground. They would die or get severely injured so they aim for the water. You have to be physically prepared to go to space.

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