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Habitable H2O

After our visits to Galveston and the creek where our rainwater is collected, we did an experiment to see just how habitable the water is. One way of knowing how habitable water is, is by testing the ammonia levels in the water.

For our controls we used bottled water as well as water that was half bottled and half window cleaner (which has a high level of ammonia). We also used two different testing systems so that we could verify the results of our experiment.

The first water testing kit had us use two different solutions to drop into the water samples. Then we had to shake the sample for 5 seconds and let it rest for 5 minutes. Finally we compared the color of the water to the color charts provided (one for fresh water and one for salt water. You can see a picture of what the test looks like above). The second testing kit tested not just for ammonia, but also for the PH level, carbonate hardness and also the general hardness of the water being tested. That test only required that we swirl a strip in the water twice and then compare it to the included color chart.

After testing our samples and recording the data, we tested samples that we had taken from Galveston and the rainwater collection in our area. We were pleased to see that all of the water (except of course the water that was half window cleaner) was low enough in ammonia to be a healthy habitat.

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