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From Trees to Caverns

My mom surprised me by taking us to an amazing treehouse in the outskirts of Austin (which is in the Texas Plains). It’s not your typical treehouse of course, it’s like a literal house in the trees. Once we parked our car we walked across a suspension bridge. When we looked down we saw a ravine, but don’t you worry, we were totally safe.

One building was like a house, but it was a kitchen, and the other one was also like house but it had bedrooms and the rooms were round. The roof of the bedroom building had a little garden growing. The buildings were connected by an outside bridge. Our treehouse was also connected to a zip line, but it’s closed because of Covid. There were also lookout points. My sister and I climbed up a ladder to a really high one. At first it was a little scary, but I got used to it.

The second day we went to Longhorn Caverns. I was surprised to find that there were caves in Texas.

(The dark rock line shown above is a a kind of rock the Native Americans would take from the cave to make weapons and tools from).

Our guide told us about a girl who was a child of white settlers who was kidnapped by Comanches. She was rescued by the Texas Rangers from the cave where the Native Americans had taken her. This reminded me of Cynthia Ann, but Cynthia Ann lived there longer and learned the Comanche ways. The picture above shows the part of the cave they were in when she was rescued.

We also learned that during the Civil War gun powder was made from bat droppings taken from the cave. All in all I thought it was cool.

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