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From Seeds to Cells

We moved from seeds to cells. I learned that plant cells are packed together more tightly than animal cells because plants don't have bones. They also have a cell wall which helps give them structure.

The parts of the cell are:

Nucleus- the brain of the cell

Vacuole- water supply

Chloroplast- makes food for the plant

Mitochondria- energy of the cell

Cytoplasm- liquidy stuff that the other parts of the cell float in

The plant produces more cells as it grows. Check out our little seedlings that have spouted. Because there is so much condensation going on in there, it makes it a little bit hard to see, but the condensation is important because it's kind of like rain.

When we learned about plant cells, we made a model of the plant cell with foil, tomatoes, lettuce, an onion, a pepper and water. I liked making a "cell" out of vegetables.

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