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Dinos Roamed Here!

Yesterday we went to a town called Glen Rose and visited a state park called Dinosaur Valley State Park. The reason it is called that is because as you can see in the picture below there are fossilized Dino footprints there.

These prints were made in what is now a river. The prints were made by the footprints being filled with another type of soil which hardened the print below. Over time, the new soil eroded by wind and water leaving a hardened footprint beneath. I think it's shocking and cool that these prints are right here.

I enjoyed wading in the river, climbing around on the rocks, seeing the minnows and fish, and enjoyed the day in general. This was a good way to start our study of the mountains and basins region of Texas. Stay tuned to see our "future of powering castles" project where we use clean and renewable energy.

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