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Cigarettes, Bottle Caps, and Six-Pack Rings Oh My!

On our beach trip to Galveston I felt people had no respect for ocean life. I felt this because of all the trash and plastic we saw on the beach and even in the ocean. I picked up a lot of cigarettes and plastic, but I couldn't get it all.

When we arrived home, I wanted to do something about all of the plastic. My teacher taught me to make paper straws and stuffed animals stuffed with plastic bags instead of stuffing. Here's how to make a plush turtle stuffed with your plastic shopping bags.

Materials Needed:



Plastic shopping bags

Fabric (we used felt)


Decorations (we used topo chico bottle caps and a googly eye).

Hot glue gun

Glue Sticks


First, you trace a circle for your turtle shell and cut out two circles of the same size. Then you sew the two together but leave a space wide enough to stuff it. After you have done the sewing you stuff the circles with plastic shopping bags and then you sew the rest of it up. Next, cut out the shapes of a head and four legs and sew them onto the turtle plush. Last glue on the eye and the bottle caps, these represent the grooves of the shell. If you want to know how many bottle caps can fit on your shell you can figure out the area of the shell. I could have fit more on the shell than I had collected!

We also made paper straws out of paper, glue and paraffin wax. For more directions on that project check out our resources page.

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1 Comment

Anna Neitzel
Anna Neitzel
Sep 18, 2020

I love the turtle that you made and stuffed with bags. The bottle caps are precious. Thx for sharing with me. Annie

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