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A Strong Opinion and A Call to Action

I feel that magazines such as “The Week” should be careful about what they put on their covers. I know that very young children can be observant and can’t help but look, and they might see covers that scare them. Children might take things literally, because we all know how young children are, they are really easy to influence. Once you see things you can’t un-see them, so I don’t want a young child to be traumatized because of a magazine cover they saw which is for adults.

There are three main things I see on the covers of “The Week” that cause me concern. First, the pictures are too dramatic. An example is a cover that says, “Why Texans Froze,” showing people who are frozen. Overly dramatic pictures might be taken literally which could be confusing or scary. Second,the headlines are too dramatic for example, “The End is in Sight.” Overly dramatic headlines can cause fear. Lastly, pictures show people in ways that are disrespectful. There was a picture of people drawn as if they were bowling pins which seems very disrespectful. Even if you disagree with someone that doesn’t mean they should be treated with disrespect. It sets a bad example.

I’ve tried writing a letter to “The Week,” but they didn’t even respond to let me know that they heard me, and that too was disrespectful. If the magazine got a lot of letters saying the same thing in different ways, then maybe they would make a change. I encourage you to write a letter if you agree with me. It would be much appreciated.

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