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A Step Back in Time

Yesterday we visited Dallas Heritage Village. It sure was interesting how the style was back then. Below is an old farmstead.

"Chick chick," our name for the chicken was just sitting there on the front porch and roaming freely as you can see. The house was built with an open air hall called a "dog trot" for the dogs and people in the summer. It was cooler there in summer than inside.

This is the bedroom and the netting was to keep the mosquitos from biting. The spinning wheel was also interesting. I would like to sew something again, but not spin anything.

This was the dining room, but there was no kitchen.

This is the kitchen! It's different from today, I think you can tell why.

The storage space was in it's own building

Below is a different family's home. It was a one room log house. This would have been very normal for a pioneer family back then.

Some people built very grand houses. It took 7 years for this house to be built.

Here you see me trying the water pump, unfortunately no water came out. Probably it was because water can get all mildewy in the tub where it would come out, and I guess they want to keep all of the artifacts looking their best!

That's the school. Kids back then only went to school through 8th grade. Basically, once they got to 8th grade they either got jobs or worked on the family farm.

This is the church. Church was an important part of life.

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