For the LOVE is about the Love of Learning, the Love of Living and the Love of Luna.  Luna is a girl who hit a wall when it came to school.  While she Loves to learn new things, read books, and is passionate about the environment and all of its inhabitants, Luna HATES school with a capital H.  After testing, diagnoses, specialized schools, therapy, homeschool, online school, therapeutic boarding school... you get the point, we tried a lot of things, Luna still couldn't bring herself to walk into a classroom.  "For the love!!!" has felt like our sentiment for many years as we have tried to help our girl unlock her potential and reignite her love of learning.  As we find ourselves facing even more challenges in education due to the Covid pandemic we decided to embrace the change before us and try a new approach.  For the LOVE is a documentation and sharing of Luna's education.  We will use field trips, field study and projects to gain skills and knowledge.  We are daring to endeavor to go back to the way people learned many years ago, not in a classroom, but by experience, we are daring to try something new for the Love of Luna in the hopes that she will regain her Love of Learning and a new perspective on Life.


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